Student Supports & Pastoral Care

Ensuring the overall wellbeing of our students is central to what we do in Dominican College.

Pastoral care is taken as a whole school responsibility involving parents, students and all staff members. The essence of our policy is to 'promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students', as stipulated in The Education Act (1998). We strive to support our students through a range of structures we have in place.

Class and Year Group Structures

Each class has a Class Tutor assigned to it, whose role is to get to know the students in her/his care and be responsible for every aspect of their wellbeing while in our care. The Class Tutor meets her/his tutor group on a regular basis and monitors attendance and deals with any issues the students may have.

Each year group of students has a Year Head as their overall supervisor. The Year Head liaises with the Tutors and monitors pupils' overall progress as part of their responsibility for the Pastoral Care of the pupils. The Year Head also works closely with parents and is in regular communication with them regarding their child's progress.

Pastoral Care Programme

A Pastoral Care Programme exists in the college and topics appropriate to the age and development of young people are dealt with through a programme in Social, Personal and Health Education Programme (SPHE).

Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)

While this is an examination subject for Junior Certificate this programme also contributes and complements the Pastoral Care Programme with its emphasis on Human Rights and Responsibilities in 1st year.

Sample First Year Topics in CSPE & SPHE
  • Rights and Responsibilities My New School
  • Bullying Homework and Study
  • Conflict resolution Safety
  • Dilemma - actions and consequences Healthy Living
  • The environment - taking responsibility
  • Friends and influences

Religious Studies

Students in each year group study Religious Education which helps them develop their knowledge and experience of religion and their tolerance for the views of others.

School Guidance and Counselling

Mrs. Joan Madden is the school's Guidance Counsellor. She provides invaluable support and advice to students on an on-going basis.

Learning Support

The learning support structures in Dominican College provide students with specific learning difficulties with a high level of support aimed at increasing the quality of their educational experience.


The college has a strong policy in relation to bullying - it will not be tolerated. Each child has a right to an education free from fear and intimidation and we strive to protect that right.

The college works proactively to ensure as far as it can that bullying does not take place. Bullying can be prevented by raising awareness of all in the school community about the reality of bullying and its detrimental effects.

  • Teachers regularly stress to students the importance of reporting matters of concern
  • The school seeks opportunities to enhance the self-worth of all pupils
  • Teachers use aspects of the curriculum to raise awareness of the inappropriateness of bullying behaviour
  • Reports of bullying behaviour are dealt with immediately by staff.

An important point to note in relation to the college's handling of such matters is that it is done in a confidential manner. For the most part it is not to the benefit of any of the children involved that such issues be aired or dealt with in public. The college will keep the relevant parents informed about what is happening but will not publicise it. Just because other students or parents are not aware of what is happening does not mean that the issues are not being taken seriously or being dealt with. Rather it means that the confidentiality of students and parents is being respected.

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